Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Coral and Jorja decorating Nans tree, Christmas 2010
Days turn into weeks, which turn into months, and so on. Time is racing by as Christmas is fast approaching, soon to be followed by our 'big day'.

Now that the guest list is done, all of our invites are out, and we've made firm choices not to adjust or change the list from here on out, stress levels are - thankfully - low.

Now for the fun part.

I wanted our wedding to be "finished" by December. That didn't quite go to plan - there's still a lot to do, but it's all the little details that probably people attend a wedding and don't even notice. But it matters to us. It matters to me. Thankfully, we now have all the big things sorted. In the last few weeks we've ticked so much off our to-do list. From flowers to suits, shoes to music, everything has a beautiful beautiful tick beside it.

We chose January for a couple of reasons. The first obvious answer is that we thought it'd be romantic to get married on the 2nd anniversary of our engagement. The second answer is that we hated the thought of sweating it out in Summer (or spring/autumn if it's a warm day), and the whole middle-of-winter thing just seems SO magical.

I'm sort of hoping it snows. I know it'll make it awkward for guests to attend, but it'll be so sparkly, crisp and just wonderful.

Me, Maddi, Nan, Grandad, Laura, Coral, Mum
Amidst all this is Christmas shopping, baking, wrapping, and general festivities. It really is exciting, counting down the sleeps left until Santa arrives is so much fun with the children - I'm sure I get more excited than they do!

On the flip side to all this general loveliness, is that I so desprately miss my Nan. I miss my Grandad too, of course, but just as we were, as a family, getting used to the new family dynamics without him around, everything changed again.

I'm really not exaggerating when I say that I feel like my Nan became one of my most best and treasured friends this last year. I don't take for granted the way I got to know her - the way she shared stories from her past with me and let me in to a sneak peak of her beautiful soul.

I miss her. I can't express the sadness and emptiness without her here.

Everything in life seems so incredibly bitter sweet. I also recently calculated that I've not spent a full Christmas day with my Mum since 2004. So I have just one more Christmas before I become a married woman.

I'm giving my Christmas this year to my Mum! Especially since this year, her Mum is gone.


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