Friday, December 30, 2011


Just a small selection of rum to choose from on Chrismas day!
Sometimes I find that anticipation of a certain situation is often so much worse than the actual situation.

I was definitely excited about Christmas, but it was tinged with a lot of fear and anxiety (for me) that it would be an emotionally negative day. The opposite turned out to be true and I found myself wondering what all the fuss was about.

We had a delightful few days surrounded by the best people, good music, good food and we were definitely spoiled for choice in terms of drink! Every year some of my family go to a rum festival in London. This year, my uncle seemed to have such a great time that he bought a lot of the drink for their new "Rum Shak" (once my Nans 'granny annex', now a perfect rendezvous point for family). Lovely.

This week feels like a sort of limbo week for me this year. I feel like now that Christmas has been, our wedding is now the full focus for the next 4 or so weeks. But actually, come boxing day, all I could think was "we'll get the New Year out the way and then it's all wedding", so even though people have lovingly mentioned to me that "it's all wedding, now, Jen!", for some reason I don't really feel so. Not just yet.

I'm so excited to be marrying in Janury. It's normally such a long and dreary month, sort of an anti-climax I suppose to all the festivities in December. Though I suppose maybe some people appreciate the wind-down. And I know a lot of people appreciate the chance to start anew, freshen up, change things around. Personally I like to wake up each morning with the knowledge that it's a new day and chance to change things, make it a good day, better, brighter. Etc.

Anyway. Marriage.


But first to celebrate in 2012.

It's going to be a wonderful year!

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