Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh, hello utterly empty blog!

I just had a little purging session... I think it felt good. Well, I've been keeping a blog online in some form or another since I was about 14 years old. Has it really been 10 years? And I've always had the habit of deleting and starting fresh every few years.

Here's my line of thinking (although I did just delete everything without really thinking):

It really feels like I've bounced into a new portion of my life, like something new and wonderful is about to unfurl - it's exciting!

There's been a lot of hurt in recent years, and a lot of struggling but I'm just so ready to let all the pain go. In September, when my Nan both got diagnosed with the Big C and passed away from the Big C (worst 9 days of my life), it felt for me like it was the last straw. And not just because I've decided it's the last straw... it just feels like it was the last of the tragedy for a little while.

I'll cling to that.

I've lost 4 loved ones in 3 years, and Lee lost a friend and uncle in that space of time, too. Not to mention experiencing a loved one being in a coma and fighting for life. The guest room in our local intensive care unit shouldn't really become a space one is well accustomed to. But there you are.

So it's been a long haul of death, divorce, illness, low self esteem and fear of rejection.

Now for a long haul of life, marriage, good health, confidence and success.

Watch this space!

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Diane said...

Oh Jen! I'm so pleased for you! Yes, it feels good to do that. I love the promise and hope Of something new starting! Nan would want you to do this and to be happy in your new life!! X